Retired Marine Military Working dog Sgt Rambo N577… !?

Sgt Rambo N577 - Marine on a Mission, not enjoying his retirement!
Sgt Rambo N577 – Marine on a Mission, not enjoying his retirement!

Retired… That should mean something right? It’s what happens when you fulfilled your service or duty and you then get to reap the rewards of your hard work by being allowed to enjoy your retirement, right?

Not according to Gizmo’s Gift CEO and President Lisa Phillips! With her, and her so called non profit organisation retired means something else all together! With her it means that you work twice as hard to support her lifestyle and unwillingness to work by being dragged from one place to another to perform tricks for donations.

As if Sgt Rambo N577 doesn’t suffer enough abuse under her care by having to undergo surgery after surgery for ingestion of foreign objects, and even an unneeded leg amputation, she still feels the need to drag him across country to gain support and cash for Gizmo’s gift and her own pockets. Let me sum up the list of surgeries that we know of as a reminder of what Sgt Rambo N577 has had to endure under Lisa Phillips’s excellent care.

2012 – Leg Amputation

2014 – February, ate a scarf.

2014 – March 22nd, Intestinal blockage / Intussusception. 1 ft of damaged intestine removed. Foreign object ingestion.

2014 – March 25th, Intestinal blockage. More damaged intestine removed. Foreign object ingestion.

2014 – November 18th, ingested part of Kong.

2015 – Late November, ingested sock, intestinal blockage. Surgery to remove sock.

2015 – Late November, 2nd surgery to repair internal damage to intestines rupturing, more intestine removed.

2015 – December 20th, intestinal blockage, sock ingested.

Like I said already, these are the ones that we know of. Since December 2015 Lisa has decided to stop posting about his health in fear of being called out on how this poor boy is being treated. The dragging around of Sgt Rambo N577 hasn’t stopped tho. He is still being called upon to perform his party tricks at a moment’s notice to satisfy Lisa Phillips’s insatiable need for cash and donations. A need for cash that seems to know no end our bounds. Her need for donations goes so deep that she does not even shrink back from all out lies and stealing credit from other highly respectable organisations like Mission K9 Rescue. She proved as much only this week when it came to light that she started another fundraiser through GoFundMe to bring home MWD Aron to his Handler and she claimed not only the credit for that, but also the $ 760,= donations that people made towards that fundraiser. When called out on her blatant lies she changed her story to suit and called it a miscommunication forcing MWD Aron’s handler to post on Facebook on her behalf. That post was soon removed by her as people were starting to see through her lies. (screenshots posted below the article)

Her latest post yet again is all about her not knowing anything and miscommunication is claimed by her again as she tries to save what is left of her poor credibility rating in the MWD community. It has already become painfully clear that she is not the right owner for our beloved Sgt Rambo N577. He is not being taken care of properly, he is being used as a cash cow to satisfy Gizmo’s Gift and more importantly Lisa Phillips’s incessant need for cash.

Had he been taken care of properly there would be no need for surgeries to solve problems in the past because she would have kept an eye on him and would have guarded her precious Rambo’s health like a hawk to prevent it happening over and over again. But, as it stands, Rambo only serves a purpose for her when donations are needed and cash flow is lacking. This is the only time that Rambo is important and serves a purpose… Which is sad and painful to witness since he is a retired dog and he should be allowed to enjoy his retirement! He should not have to work his ass off simply because Lisa Phillips refuses to move hers!

Sgt Rambo N577 has no voice. He can not ask for help. He can not speak up and make himself be heard. So I ask from all of you that you speak up for him! Be his voice! Ask for help for him! Show that he matters to you and that he is worth more than the sum of cash he can bring in for his owner!

I am including the links to Sgt Rambo N577 Retired and Suffering Facebook page and The petition that has been started to get him out of his abusive situation. I ask of you all to visit the FaceBook page and to read. The information is there for all to see and witness. I also urge you to sign the petition for Rambo. The more signatures he gets the better his chances are for a future where he can actually enjoy his retirement as it should be, with an owner who actually feels he is worth more than just a few dollars to line their pockets with.
Regards, Alice MacKenzie.

Screenshots of Lisa Phillips taking credit of others hard work:



Screenshots of the actual event being handled by Mission K9 Rescue, a well respected organisation!


Screenshot of the post that was forced by Lisa Phillips and removed again as people started confronting her on her actions.



  • Note that this screenshot says that all funding raised will be used for MWD Aron in his retirement? Nope, that changed already as now the funding will be used as she sees fit.

Combat Canines: The DDoc Foundation

        Website – Combat Canines: The DDoc Foundation


I want to tell you all about a foundation that I am a great supporter of…

Combat Canines: The DDoc Foundation

This non profit organization was founded on March 20th, 2013 and is based out of Fayetteville, North Carolina. They are dedicated to helping retired Military Working Dogs (MWD), Contract Working Dogs (CWD), and Law Enforcement (LE) K-9’s live a higher quality of life after retirement.

They help by providing transport, adoptions, financial aid and education to just name a few key point. This year they have already spent more than $ 10.000 in veterinary bills alone. Currently the DDoc Foundation has 24 dogs in its care but that number will go up in the future.

Right now the DDoc Foundation is in need of donations… I would urge you all to dig, and dig deep to help out this selfless group and the dogs they are supporting. No matter how high, or low the amount may be, it helps a dog towards a better life, to pay bills for the dogs and to ensure they get to live out their retirement healthy and happy as they deserve.

You can donate through the following options:




Combat Canines: The DDoc Foundation website:


Or send a check to:

The DDoc Foundation

5030 Thackeray Drive

Fayetteville, NC


EIN 46-3627424 a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization


I would like to thank you all in advance for your donations to this fine organization! I know for a fact that the founders, as well as the dogs will be immensely grateful!

FaceBook page - DDoc Foundation
                                                           FaceBook page – DDoc Foundation

Sincere regards, Alice MacKenzie.

Lisa & Jeanie Phillips from SGT Rambo N577, once again presenting fiction as fact…



Where to start? This morning I was surprised to find in my PM box on FB the following message:  “You have a new hate page!” So I checked the link that was enclosed and low and behold, there was my face, and my name… and the names of everyone on my friendslist on Facebook, all pasted together in one big jumble of fictitious artwork! Bright red lettering across the artwork exclaiming “The Alice Mackenzie Verhagen wall of shame. Alice Verhagen is using all these people to spread her lies.” This page funnily is named “Clearing up the Confusion.”

So I sat here, and first I laughed at it all. Then I got intrigued as to what was posted there. So I read, and read some more and it soon became clear to me that nothing on the page was in any way factual, but all derived from hear say. The page was set up not to clear up confusion, but to create more! It’s sole purpose of existence was to point fingers wrongly and to divert attention away from the issue’s that have been haunting Lisa & Jeanie Phillips. That issue being, people asking questions about Rambo, the funding, the numbers, the transparency, the lies and the lack of forthcoming or answering of questions. It is already well known that Lisa has built her entire empire on the suffering of Rambo and his many unnecessary and preventable surgeries. She even went as far as to set up funding requests, asking for no less than $30.000,= to pay her living expenses, put food on her table, pay her utilities and all under the guise of helping retired working dogs… No one can refute the funding request since she even made a YouTube video of the whole charade. This is not me, grabbing at fictional straws people! THIS IS FACT!! The video is posted on this page under another article about Sgt Rambo N577 so feel free to check it out!

Back to the point tho… The Confusion page… It was not set up to clear the confusion, it was set up as a clear and blatant attack on my character. Funny thing tho? I welcome it! I do not hide from it at all. I invite everyone to visit the page and take a good look at it and to make up their own minds. I even Private Messaged Lisa about it to inform her that her facts are in fact incorrect. But I do not think it will stop her from trying to present fantasy as fact, it hasn’t stopped her in the past when she created the first hate group against me a month ago, and then added all my friends to that group, who then came to me to inform me of said group. I will be posting a screenshot of that group as well for verification. See what happened there? I stated FACT!! And I then proceeded to back up that fact with PROOF! I also replied to posts on that page, and screenshotted these replies, which of course I will be posting as proof of the fact.



…. where am I going with all this? Am I upset or angry over the page? Nope. Am I angry over the fiction posted there? Nope. So why on gods green earth am I writing this article about it then? Well…. Let me explain that one clearly. This page keeps telling people I am the owner and creator of the Rambo Retired and Suffering page. I am not the owner, I am not the creator. I never was, and never will be. You can claim it a million times, it does not make it true. But maybe if you yell it loud enough people will think it is true, right? Am I an admin on that page? Yes, I was made an admin of that page. Am I the only admin on that page? Nope, plenty of other admins on that page and I mean PLENTY!!!! So who are the other admins? They are just run of the mill people, who share the same worries and cares about Rambo as that I do. I will not name them. I refuse to name them. I respect their wishes and their privacy in this. I will say this tho? I have come to know each and every admin on that page as respectable and upstanding people. I will vouch for each and every one of them. That doesn’t mean their names should be out there tho. Does the message become less important because of the bringer of that message? No, it does not!

So what does this all tell you? About me? About Lisa & Jeanie Phillips? About Rambo and his continued suffering? It tells you that I have nothing to hide, that Lisa & Jeanie Phillips will do anything and everything they can to divert people away from the truth, even using lies to do so, and that Rambo will continue to suffer for it…. I stand by my words, I always have, and I always will. I do not change my opinions to suit others and I do not bend to the use of words like “Bully, Bullying.” To use words like that, to get out from under people’s scrutiny and questions is just plain sad! If I call bully hard enough, people will feel sorry for me! Yeah, right! Or they just might see the truth. The truth that some are so desperately trying to hide from everyone.

Now…. I have one last thing to address before ending this article. There is a screenshot out there, with my name on it, that says “ I’ve hit my dogs and I don’t hide it.” This is the only thing that seems to work for them it seems, or so they think. It is a PM on FB to a person in the UK and it is one small line from a very large conversation. I want to explain it tho, so that people know where I stand on this. I trained dogs in KNPV, this means I do not work or handle the easiest dogs in the world. They are temperamental at best, down right assholes at worst. Does this mean I beat and hit them at the drop of a dime? Nope. It just means I do not take shit from the dogs I work with. The conversation this snip it came from was about dogs biting owners and the appropriate response to this happening. Well, most of you know I am not a softhearted trainer or a soft handed one. I will physically correct a dog if the need is there. Does this mean I beat them with sticks or abuse them 24/7/365? Nope, it just means that if you sink your teeth in my body I will kick your ass in payment. Action begets reaction. It is that simple. I do not wait a dog out, I do not ask, I do not create grey areas for the dog to explore. You act, I react, lesson learned, we move on. So take from that what you will. This is what I do and who I am. I love my dogs, play with them, keep them warm and healthy and fed but I demand full compliance in return.

Back to the page that has my face all over it! Take a look at it, agree with it, like it, hate it… It makes no difference to me at all. The page in itself is a great way to see how Lisa & Jeanie Phillips operate and conduct business. It says nothing about me that is fact but it does in turn tell a great deal about the people whom have created the page, and what their reasons might have been to do so. Check out the screenshots I have included, make up your own minds….


Alice Mackenzie.

Screenshots Dated January 14th, 2016

lisa PMpagereply 14012016reply 14012016areply 14012016b

SGT Rambo N577, Retired and Suffering…..

SGT Rambo N577, Retired and Suffering…..
SGT Rambo N577 - Before Lisa Phillips.
SGT Rambo N577 – Before Lisa Phillips.


I have sat here at my desk this morning wondering… What makes people see or ignore what is right in front of them?

Why are people willing to tune out fact in favor of fantasy? Is it because reality is too much to deal with? Does fact remind them of real life too much? Is it just easier to stick your head in the sand and ignore what is in front of you? How is it that people will get downright nasty in order to defend their fantasy views but are unable to use a moment of common sense and just look at the clear picture in front of them? Why are they willing to excuse the bad, turn it into good in their minds and move on blindly to support that very same bad? It confuses, and disappoints me to no end…

Where am I going with this babble and banter of mine you might think? Well, yes…. SGT Rambo N577… He has been in my mind, and heart for a long time now. He has in fact been in the mind and heart of many people for a long time now! Worried people, standing at the side lines, watching from a distance as things went from good, to bad, to downright disastrous over the course of the last 3 years.

Let me tell you a small part of SGT Rambo’s story and how his life became a slippery slope of steady decline in health and happiness…

SGT Rambo N577 was stationed out of Cherry Point, N.C. for 2 years before he was injured while in routine training on a bite wrap. Due to this injury he developed DJD (Degenerative Joint Disease) In stead of managing it with medication Lisa chose to have the leg amputated in 2012. The leg was not amputated until Lisa came into ownership of SGT Rambo N577 and could have been managed with pain medication but this would not benefit the publicity that Lisa felt she could generate with a 3 legged dog. Also the leg was not amputated as a result from being deployed. It was a training accident. SGT Rambo N577 has never been deployed.

Due to the leg removal by choice, Lisa’s choice, SGT Rambo N577 is now having to deal with leg issues and pain in his remaining leg. He has arthritis in his remaining front leg and can not enjoy a pain free life as he should have been enjoying to begin with. The leg buckles at times due to the amount of stress put on it. Then there are the incidents with SGT Rambo’s eating habits…. He likes to chew and eat things that he shouldn’t. Bedding, sheets, scarfs, socks, the kitchen sink… Now we all know that a dog with strange eating habits needs to be looked at and kept under constant surveillance 24/7/365! If we do not keep an eye on our dog then we will pretty much be living at the emergency veterinarian’s office to have blockage after blockage removed. Can it happen one time? Yup, shit happens! A dog can get into something and it is something we will deal with BUT, we ensure that it doesn’t happen again… Can it happen twice? I guess it can happen twice as well…. Accidents can happen twice and we will have to make sure it never EVER happens again. Three times? Something is wrong here! It happens three times then you need to reevaluate your dog ownership and brain for being allowed to own the dog you own…. Four times… Do I even have to say it? FIVE TIMES!!! People PLEASE!!!! If your dog ingests foreign material over and over and over again, then you need to have your dog ownership card REVOKED! You are not dog owner material. You should not be allowed to care for the dog, you should buy a tamagotchi instead!

SGT Rambo N577… He has had more than one, or two, or three, or four, or even FIVE such incidents happen to him. Incidents that landed him on the surgeon’s table over and over again and that almost KILLED HIM! The last incident being this week, the incident before that not 4 weeks ago!

I am not spinning some fantasy story here. I am not grasping facts out of thin air! I am telling you what has been posted on SGT Rambo’s N577 page… Not lies, or fantasies…. just good old fact!

So why is it that this gets forgotten so easily? Why is it that SGT Rambo N577 is still suffering poor ownership? Why are people excusing Lisa Phillips and her actions and behaviours? This infuriates me! People sit there saying how much they care for SGT Rambo N577, and how much they love him, and what a great Mom Lisa Phillips is to him and all I can think is “Excuse me?”

Good Mom? Seriously? How is she a good mom? Has she prevented him from losing a leg? Has she prevented him from the pain and suffering he is going through now? How many surgeries did he have to undergo due to her lack of care and attention? Oh, but she is taking such good care of him now! Ya THINK????? If she had taken care of him to begin with she would not be where she is now and SGT Rambo N577 would not be laying there with a gut full of stitches, intestine missing and a lifelong problem ahead of him! It isn’t about how good she cares for him now, it SHOULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED TO BEGIN WITH PEOPLE!!!!  

Am I making sense yet? Am I getting through to all you pink glasses wearing blindly Lisa supporting people yet? Let me say it one more time, out loud, in caps:


So why, on gods green earth, is it not preventable when it comes to Lisa Phillips? WHY!!!!

It is so easy to throw out random words in support of Lisa… to throw out a few prayers and throw some cash at her as well to buy of your feelings of guilt and unhappiness…. but are you helping SGT Rambo N577 with that? Or are you just part of the problem? Are you just turning a blind eye at what really needs to be said, and done. Because let’s face it, by telling her she is doing a good job, and throwing cash at her, you are now saying “Go ahead Lisa! You are doing a stellar job! Rambo is suffering but that’s okay, we don’t care!” You are not helping SGT Rambo N577… You are not ensuring he will be happy and healthy and can enjoy a pain free retirement…

You are not part of the solution that Sgt Rambo N577 so desperately needs…. But you sure as hell are part of the problem by allowing it to go on unchecked and uncared about…


Regards, Alice MacKenzie.

SGT Rambo N577 – Present day….




My heart is breaking right now… I woke up not an hour ago and the first message I saw on my Facebook timeline was Friends, Rambo’s mom here. I have a concerning update on our boy.”

Words like those make you dread what you are about to read… And I was right… It was dreadful to read that once again, not a month after his last two surgeries, Rambo has once again ingested a sock and has had to endure surgery! Let me stress the word AGAIN for you all. This is not a first, nor is it a second and it isn’t even a third time this dog has had to be opened up due to eating material that he should not be able to eat, or reach. This is surgery nr 6, or 7? I have lost count to be honest… This dog has had so many surgeries now that I have actually lost count! That includes the removal of his front leg for DJD that could have been well and easily managed with medication but then again, that would not have delivered as much interest as showing of a 3 legged dog to the public and it certainly would not have raked in the cash as quickly as it does now… And then we are not even talking about the times that Rambo ate things he shouldn’t have eaten but luckily managed to pass on his own…. 

Once again this dog is suffering under the abuse of it’s reckless and selfish owner Lisa Phillips from

How long are people just going to sit and watch as this dog is slowly being killed by its owners need for attention and praise? Rambo is nothing more than a mascot to use for monetary gain and attention. It is becoming so screamingly clear at this point that it amazes me that people still fall for Lisa’s “Pray for me, Pray for Rambo, God loves us, God is good” routine…… She uses religion and this dogs suffering to keep the attention flowing towards her, as well as donations.

Why aren’t more people speaking up for Rambo! Why are people patting Lisa on the back and saying what a good person she is when it is OBVIOUS that she isn’t! When are people going to take the blinders off and see Lisa for what she truly is? A user and abuser of anything she can think of that gains her attention, adoration and CASH! If she cares so much about Rambo, then why does this happen over and over again? Why is there no outrage on behalf of Rambo? Why is no one beating down the doors of agencies to save this dog from its cruel owner and to ensure that it lives out the remainder of its days being loved, and taken care off….

WHERE IS THE ANGER!!!!! I know I am sorely pissed off right now but with me being in another country there is absolutely nothing I can do about it but call attention to the repeated abuse and suffering of Rambo. Stop looking at the words she writes and start READING what she writes instead. Anyone can use GOD to their own advantage. Instead of asking for prayer she should be asking for common sense. To help her keep Rambo safe and healthy… This has Munchausen by Proxy written all over it! If you truly want to care for your dog, you would prevent bad things from happening to him to start with. Not ask for prayers afterwards and expect to be pat on the back for it….  Yes, Shit happens…. But it does NOT repeat itself into infinity so you get to claim “Poor me” and hold up your hand for money while your dog is suffering your lack of care for him.

Show your outrage for Rambo! Speak up for Rambo! Make your voice be heard for Rambo! Ask Questions about Rambo and show you care for him. Do not just throw money at his owner and buy of your feelings of sadness that way. Show that you really care for him by questioning Lisa Phillips and how she cares, or rather not cares for Rambo!

Share this article with friends, let them read for themselves what the truth is…. If plenty of people read the truth then Rambo might be able to lead a normal life, without constant surgeries and abuse by his owner Lisa Phillips… Rambo is what matter here! He needs your voice to speak up for him or he will end up paying the ultimate price eventually…. Please check out our page on Facebook and voice your opinions or displeasure at the suffering that this dog has to go through needlessly…

Please visit, like and share our Facebook page for SGT Rambo N577 and use it to voice your displeasure at his abuse and treatment. Thank you!


Regards, Alice Mackenzie.

To all whom blindly follow Lisa Phillips without thinking but forget about Rambo N577 in the process.

I have gotten a response to my previous post about Lisa Phillips and Rambo N577. Unlike Lisa I am not one to hide from these things and I have replied with my below posted response to the person questioning my post. This will be my standard reply to all those questioning me on my post. It doesn’t matter what names I get called or how I get treated. I will let all replies stand on this blog. People are allowed to agree, or disagree with me. That is their prerogative, as my reply is mine.


Alice Mackenzie.


Thank you for taking the time to visit my Blog and for posting your opinion. Unlike Lisa Phillips, Rambo’s owner, I am not one to walk away or hide from being questioned. As for your mention of “Slander” I would like to state the following. It is not slander if the words spoken are in fact true. Maybe you are the one who should do some fact checking here?

1. This is the 3rd surgery Rambo N577 has had to endure due to the proper lack of care of the owner. This poor dog has hardly got any intestine left and will be suffering from SBS (Short bowel syndrome) for the rest of its remaining days. Is this dog being taken care of now? Why, yes! Yes it is! That is not the point here tho. The point is that this dog should not be where it is now to begin with! This was a preventable surgery because the owner should have paid attention to her dog to begin with. This is not the first time he has had to have surgery for intestinal blockage, it is not even the second surgery… No, it is a THIRD time that this has happened, and no one stops to ask the question “Why does this keep happening!” Everyone just blindly follows Lisa and no one even has a second thought as to how this could have happened, or how to prevent it in future. It doesn’t matter that you throw money and prayers at the dog, it should NOT HAVE HAPPENED to begin with. The first thought should be for the dog and how to prevent it from happening and not about cleaning up afterwards… because Rambo N577 is the one suffering here. Not lisa, not you, not me, but RAMBO! He is the one having to endure the pain of the surgeries. But boy it sure looks good on screen doesn’t it?

Have you ever just taken a moment to sit back and read what she speaks of? To look at her actions, and responses? Just switch of any biased you might have for anyone and anything and just read and look, nothing more… Maybe that is the one thing that is lacking with people these days. The respond before they think and look. Why? Because you might start to see things for yourself… Lisa has 2 tools at her disposal and she knows how to use them. Rambo N577, and God. That’s it! And she uses them to the best of her ability. She ask’s for 2 things only, money and prayers and one almost always follows the other because nothing works better than throwing in a few “Pray for Rambo” ‘s as you hold out your hand so you can let others pay for something that could have been prevented to begin with, and so that you don’t have to get a day time job to support yourself and your family. Ever notice how once questions get asked for proof of payments made the discussion gets deleted? People get blocked and a new post is made saying “I am being attacked again, please pray for me” You should really look for yourself before blindly pointing fingers and calling people morons.

2. Another tool to get money are the stories on his injuries, how he was injured during active duty. It makes him seem so much bigger then he really is because many people read active duty as in the line of duty. He got injured on a training bite when he got jammed on the bite. His leg was amputated by choice by his owner. Not due to a need for it, but purely by choice. He had DJD in his shoulder that could have well been managed with pain medication but then we would all have to miss out on how he constantly gets put next to Layka, the 3 legged Hero who actually lost a leg in the line of duty… #StolenValor anyone?

There is this thing out there in the real world and it’s called “Embellishment” Lisa knows that thing very well since she uses it to the best of her advantage as she makes things look prettier and stronger then they actually are. I urge you, and others reading this to finally sit back, turn of the biased and blind faith, and watch and read for yourself. Take Rambo N577 out of the equation for a few, look beyond the pictures on your screen and just open your eyes and really LOOK. Forget about Rambo for a few minutes, be objective and really pay attention to what is happening in front of you, instead of blindly responding to the pictures… I promise you this, when you do that? There will be things that will make you think and wonder, that will raise questions, that will make you frown… That is when Rambo will win! Because right now no one is helping Rambo from suffering in pain…

Right now all people are doing is prolonging this by ensuring that the owner doesn’t have to clean up her act and can just blithely carry on with the support of everyone because no one is thinking of Rambo and all focus is on Lisa and how sad it is for her to have to deal with this and the surgeries. Fuck Lisa! She can kiss my ass! This is not about Lisa and her need for attention! This is about Rambo and it should always have been about him to begin with! Thank you for reading and have a nice day.

Lisa Phillips, Gizmo’s Gift evangelist, Rambo’s N577 exploiter and Funding Seeker extraordinaire.

Lisa Phillips and Sgt Rambo N577


Gheez! If that’s not a long title, then I don’t know what is! With good reason I might add….

Lisa Phillips… where to begin with that one? About a year ago I found her on my Facebook timeline and I took a look at a post that she was mentioned in, including the dog in question, Retired Military Working Dog (MWD), Rambo N577. If I recall correctly at the time, Rambo had just been for his second time to remove an internal blockage. Apparently Rambo N577 has a thing for eating what he shouldn’t! It happens, right? Accidents can happen, but at that time I never knew it was the second surgery for something he had happened before. Now color me confused when this week what did I see on my timeline? Yes! Surgery number 3! Yet another internal blockage from something Rambo N577 should not have ingested, another surgery for this dog that was avoidable, if only his owner, Lisa Phillips had paid more attention.

Now this got me thinking. Why did this happen so often? Does the owner not care? Does the owner not pay attention? So I looked at the page of Rambo N577, and then went to the Gizmo’s gift page, and followed it up with a look at Lisa Phillips page, and boy do I regret that! The things I read, and saw were downright shameful and horrifying, and the idea that Rambo N577 was stuck in the middle of this it made me cringe.

Let me give you a bit of background on Lisa Phillips. Ex army, medical benefits after a 3 year stint as a veterinary technician where she got in contact with few MWDs. This is where she found her path for the future, wanting to help and save MWDs and K9’s, and begging for money so she did not have to work for a living. After a medical discharge she went to work as a civilian vet tech. Not sure how long she kept that up, but she quit her job to dedicate herself fully to her Gizmo’s gift foundation of which she, her mother and her ex-boyfriend are the management. Lisa then proceeded to ask for money from people so that she did not have to work for it. She actually said that as you can see from the video posted. She needed 30K so she could pay her bills, rent, put food on the table and not have to work for it. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? That’s not the worst of it though…

She got her hands on her cash cow, Rambo N577! Boy did that one pay off! Not only did she get cash and donations whenever needed, it also gave her the long missed attention she was craving… Now don’t forget, this person has benefits from the VA so it’s not as if she is penniless.

It gets worse… Rambo N577 was on active duty, and during training got his leg jammed on the bite sleeve, and damaged his leg/shoulder. After several months he was retired and came into Lisa’s possession. When she adopted him he was on pain medication for his shoulder due to DJD (Degenerative joint disease). He would have very easily, and happily lived out his days on medication, being pain free but Lisa felt it justified to have the leg amputated. Now I never thought too much about the amputation in the beginning since I might have considered the same if it was my dog, but then I started to put 2 and 2 together and got to 5?

Something was wrong and I just couldn’t put my finger on it, but again, I let it slide because hey, stuff happens. People have bad luck, and dogs get limbs amputated due to accidents in the line of duty… Or at least so I thought. Slowly a picture was forming and what it was showing wasn’t pretty. I got to talking to some people who are in the Retired working dog rescue business, and the things I heard, and the proof I saw for myself was an eye opener to say the least. I started asking Lisa questions. Questions about the donations, the bills, why they didn’t add up, why were there different stories in different places? Now, to be honest, I am stupid when it comes to the US Army and the abbreviations used, the lingo and everything else when it comes to its workings, but with a little help from my friends, I got the story straight and what I saw was disgusting. Lies and twisting of words is nothing new for Lisa Phillips. People might know MWD Layka, the dog on the cover of National Geographic? This is the dog that Rambo N577 is getting compared to by Lisa. MWD Layka’s picture is always there for people to see and then Rambo N577 gets dragged out for a showing. Look! He has 3 legs as well! He lost his leg in an explosion! That is what she actually told at a Veteran’s day speech at her Alma Mater! I called her out on her changing stories last week and it got me blocked from her page because she does not feel the need to answer questions….

Now why am I making all of you read this? Because in the middle of this there is a dog… his name is Sgt Rambo N577…. He has had no less than 3 surgeries that were avoidable to begin with. Rambo N577 is not in a good place! His owner has declared him to be Gizmo’s gift’s mascot and this poor boy is being dragged from left to right in order for Lisa to get donation so that she does not have to work. She had his leg amputated even though it was unneeded. She told lies about how it happened, making it seem as if the dog got hurt in the line of duty. This poor boy is like a child with a parent suffering from Munchhausen by Proxy. Lisa revels in the pain and suffering this dog has to go through and also rakes in the cash, together with the prayers. She is a user, and an abuser, of animals, and people’s good faith and trust. She used the lord’s name for any and everything as long as it gets her paid. Want to know the really scary part? People are throwing cash at this woman, and they are not seeing the truth… Does she use some of the donations from one of her funding requests for Rambo N577? I am sure she does…. but what about all the other cash that no one gets to see bills for, or gets explanations over? She asked for money to pay her real life bills! She needed 30K so she didn’t have to work. She needed her car wrapped with a permanent decal to promote her business… want take a guess at who paid for that? Am not even going to go into the stolen valor thing that is happening… It is just too disgusting for words. Here is a woman who has found a way to not work, get paid, and get attention at the same time, and all that over the pain and suffering of Rambo N577… Now I can keep on ranting, as I am want to do at times, but instead I am just going to post her 2 video’s and let you decide for yourself to see if she is really the do gooder she wants people to think she is, or the scourge of earth with her lies, deceit and abuse of a great dog that doesn’t deserve to be treated the way it is.

Please click the below posted links to watch either or both video’s.

Video of Lisa Phillips asking for $30.000 in Donations to pay personal bills.


Video of Lisa Phillips asking for Donations for a car Wrap. 

I know what I think and feel at this point. Go visit her Gizmo’s gift page, her Sgt Rambo N577 page…. talk to people, ask questions…. The truth will always show itself, and when it does, give that truth a voice and speak up! Speak up for Rambo N577! Because he is the one suffering here….


Alice Mackenzie.