Retired Marine Military Working dog Sgt Rambo N577… !?

Sgt Rambo N577 - Marine on a Mission, not enjoying his retirement!
Sgt Rambo N577 – Marine on a Mission, not enjoying his retirement!

Retired… That should mean something right? It’s what happens when you fulfilled your service or duty and you then get to reap the rewards of your hard work by being allowed to enjoy your retirement, right?

Not according to Gizmo’s Gift CEO and President Lisa Phillips! With her, and her so called non profit organisation retired means something else all together! With her it means that you work twice as hard to support her lifestyle and unwillingness to work by being dragged from one place to another to perform tricks for donations.

As if Sgt Rambo N577 doesn’t suffer enough abuse under her care by having to undergo surgery after surgery for ingestion of foreign objects, and even an unneeded leg amputation, she still feels the need to drag him across country to gain support and cash for Gizmo’s gift and her own pockets. Let me sum up the list of surgeries that we know of as a reminder of what Sgt Rambo N577 has had to endure under Lisa Phillips’s excellent care.

2012 – Leg Amputation

2014 – February, ate a scarf.

2014 – March 22nd, Intestinal blockage / Intussusception. 1 ft of damaged intestine removed. Foreign object ingestion.

2014 – March 25th, Intestinal blockage. More damaged intestine removed. Foreign object ingestion.

2014 – November 18th, ingested part of Kong.

2015 – Late November, ingested sock, intestinal blockage. Surgery to remove sock.

2015 – Late November, 2nd surgery to repair internal damage to intestines rupturing, more intestine removed.

2015 – December 20th, intestinal blockage, sock ingested.

Like I said already, these are the ones that we know of. Since December 2015 Lisa has decided to stop posting about his health in fear of being called out on how this poor boy is being treated. The dragging around of Sgt Rambo N577 hasn’t stopped tho. He is still being called upon to perform his party tricks at a moment’s notice to satisfy Lisa Phillips’s insatiable need for cash and donations. A need for cash that seems to know no end our bounds. Her need for donations goes so deep that she does not even shrink back from all out lies and stealing credit from other highly respectable organisations like Mission K9 Rescue. She proved as much only this week when it came to light that she started another fundraiser through GoFundMe to bring home MWD Aron to his Handler and she claimed not only the credit for that, but also the $ 760,= donations that people made towards that fundraiser. When called out on her blatant lies she changed her story to suit and called it a miscommunication forcing MWD Aron’s handler to post on Facebook on her behalf. That post was soon removed by her as people were starting to see through her lies. (screenshots posted below the article)

Her latest post yet again is all about her not knowing anything and miscommunication is claimed by her again as she tries to save what is left of her poor credibility rating in the MWD community. It has already become painfully clear that she is not the right owner for our beloved Sgt Rambo N577. He is not being taken care of properly, he is being used as a cash cow to satisfy Gizmo’s Gift and more importantly Lisa Phillips’s incessant need for cash.

Had he been taken care of properly there would be no need for surgeries to solve problems in the past because she would have kept an eye on him and would have guarded her precious Rambo’s health like a hawk to prevent it happening over and over again. But, as it stands, Rambo only serves a purpose for her when donations are needed and cash flow is lacking. This is the only time that Rambo is important and serves a purpose… Which is sad and painful to witness since he is a retired dog and he should be allowed to enjoy his retirement! He should not have to work his ass off simply because Lisa Phillips refuses to move hers!

Sgt Rambo N577 has no voice. He can not ask for help. He can not speak up and make himself be heard. So I ask from all of you that you speak up for him! Be his voice! Ask for help for him! Show that he matters to you and that he is worth more than the sum of cash he can bring in for his owner!

I am including the links to Sgt Rambo N577 Retired and Suffering Facebook page and The petition that has been started to get him out of his abusive situation. I ask of you all to visit the FaceBook page and to read. The information is there for all to see and witness. I also urge you to sign the petition for Rambo. The more signatures he gets the better his chances are for a future where he can actually enjoy his retirement as it should be, with an owner who actually feels he is worth more than just a few dollars to line their pockets with.
Regards, Alice MacKenzie.

Screenshots of Lisa Phillips taking credit of others hard work:



Screenshots of the actual event being handled by Mission K9 Rescue, a well respected organisation!


Screenshot of the post that was forced by Lisa Phillips and removed again as people started confronting her on her actions.



  • Note that this screenshot says that all funding raised will be used for MWD Aron in his retirement? Nope, that changed already as now the funding will be used as she sees fit.

One thought on “Retired Marine Military Working dog Sgt Rambo N577… !?

  1. I hope everyone this is shared to reads all of it. She is a disturbed person who needs her dog rescued. Definitely allowing the dog to hurt himself to gain attention and funds for herself it seems. Save this dog before he dies a horrible death.

    Liked by 1 person

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