Revoked contract leads to the death of 24 CWD’s in Kuwait.



June 17th, 2016 was a black day for 24 CWD’s as their lives were senselessly ended without care or thought due to a revoked contract. It is unimaginable to think that a contract is enough to decide whether a dog gets to live, or has to die. As it stands tho there are still 91 dogs at the  K9 division of this Privately owned American Security company. The dogs need to be freed and will be in desperate need of fostering and health care. Mimi Maamoun, a local reporter is currently fighting for these dogs and is in need of our support. Please do not contact her unless you are able to help in a big way. She is overwhelmed with everything that is happening right now and needs to be able to focus on the dogs that still need to be released. She needs people in Kuwait whom are willing and able to foster the dogs. People who can help with transport of the dogs to their respective foster homes. She needs support through social media! I urge you all to share, share and share some more so that the word gets out there, and all is out in the open.

Here is the original post by Mimi Maamoun, posted on June 17th, 2016.


Another heinous act of animal cruelty occurred on June 17th, 2016 at a security company which is based in Kuwait since 2007. When I visited the company today with the lawyer of the maltreated and abused Nepalese workers there, Esmail Al Misri, it was confirmed, that 24 USk9 Security dogs were murdered because of the cancellation of a contract. The company has been under contract with the KNPC – Kuwait National Petroleum Company which, as part of the contract has been paying 3000 KD monthly for the care of the k9s (per dog) to the security company. However, the workers also disclosed that all the dogs employed by that company were abused, worked 24 hours without rest and appropriate care for which the company was getting paid. The workers were afraid to speak up until now since they were also threatened and mistreated . However, the murder of the k9 Security was too much. I went together with Mr. Al Misri and filed a complaint against the company at the Mina Abdullah Police Station. The Municipality and the Environmental Police have also registered a case against the company. The company imports its k9 Security from a training facility in the USA,Louisiana.

Everyone fears for the fate of the remaining 91 K9s at the facility. We saw the site where the bodies of the destroyed security dogs were dumped and buried. All evidence is available with eye witness statements, company and people in charge names, and justice is needed for the taking of the innocent lives of the dogs who spent their tortured days making others safe. Furthermore , immediate action is required to make sure that the remaining k9S r safe and the abuse is dealt with by an authority of law. The murderers should pay for taking innocent lives who have done nothing wrong but made money to some cruel, selfish, inhumane monsters. I still cant believe I really witnesses such a horror today and I will do anything in my power so justice is served.

This is not about collecting donations. Urgent awareness must be raised in the world so such horrors will be prevented and punished accordingly, serving as an example to future offenders.

Kindly become the voice of those 24 souls, whole lights were blown out before their time. Share with all you know. Let justice prevail.

Thank you.

I will leave you with the latest update by Mimi Maamoun and ask that you all share to help her, and the dogs that are still in desperate need of help.

Dear follower for the mass murder of k9 dogs from a local company run by American management. I understand that my updates r slow but I will appreciate if ppl stop useless comments that urges us to knock doors already knocked before or write huge email for an ” organization” or group that takes ages to reply or do something . I am running between my work, my own pets n fostered ones they r In total 51 ( I hope they get help too from u guys in finding homes ) in my house and knocking doors to free the souls inside that company. We Me and Mr.Ismail Misri are knocking all legal doors here cause we need an immediate action to save the 91 dogs remanning inside if they were alive plus the workers who are locked and scared to complain. Today Mr. Ismail went again to Mina Abdullah police station and they refused to register a case, same for environmental police and municipality and The public Authority of Agriculture Affairs and Fish Resources. It’s a new animals rights law that will be applied for the first time in kuwait, no one understand it and all escape from applying it they are just throwing the responsibility between them . We got a promise today that we will be able to enter the company premises with the police tomorrow or after and take the dogs. Also I have approached the American embassy today and they promised to try to look into the case but not for sure, as the company is local n working under the Kuwaiti law and contracts. They will follow up with us at least. Same time we r trying to convince the workers who did not complain yet on that so we can move their case along the other 29 ones in the social affairs ministry. Also my newspaper ” Al Qabas” an Arabic one made a story about it showing the tragedy of the k9 dogs and the workers and will continue to force the environment police to do sth. What I need now as help is more social media spread for the story, anyone who can help us from the Nepali embassy, immediate foster homes here, volunteers with big cars who can come on the call to move the dogs, a vet who can help to check on the dogs if we entered and who can do autopsy on the corps if I managed to get one from the 24 buried on Saturday to prove the wrong claims of the company owner that the dogs were sick. He did this act also without the presences of a vet they fired him a week ago, the American principle forced the nurses to do and this against the law. Local residents please don’t post on social media the name of company or owners as its against the local media law and the company can have the rights to file a case against you. It’s indescribable feelings to stand outside the company gates and can’t get inside to save the dogs and see on the other side the grave of those who was killed for human arrogance ! Thanks for your support, we need all your positive thoughts and prayers it’s the worst summer in my life !


One thought on “Revoked contract leads to the death of 24 CWD’s in Kuwait.

  1. What is the name of the American security company alleged to have killed the dogs? Do we know it’s US State of licensure?


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