North American Dutch Shepherd Rescue – NADSR

Over the last few years the need for rescue of the Dutch Shepherd has risen explosively. This group has specialized in the rescue of the Dutch Shepherd and I wanted to share them with you. They are hard working people with a big heart for the breed that have rescued many a discarded dog in the past and have given it a new lease on life. They have an online Foster application that you can fill out to help them in their future need of foster homes and if you are looking to adopt. Please click on the picture to go to the NADSR Foster /  Pre adoption application.

NADSR Foster/Pre Adoption application
NADSR Foster/Pre Adoption application

4 thoughts on “North American Dutch Shepherd Rescue – NADSR

  1. Perhaps your background can assist me in reading the tattoo [12003303] in my late retired working DS’s ear. Jiri was adopted at 14 from NADSR in 2013. See his memorial post at the NADSR’s Facebook page as Jiri-R.I.P., May 31, 2016. He was born in either the Czech Republic or Slovakia. He was fabulously trained at a kennel in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia, then neglected for years in that same facility where lack of exercise, care, and nutrition led to weakness in the rear end. However, he had equanimity to spare. Anyone who came in contact with him was moved by his story. He adored the attention of people. He has left an indelible, and tearful, impression on all on whom he worked his magic. For those who never saw a Dutch Shepherd, he served as a spectacular ambassador for the breed. Remarkable dog.

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      1. Wonderful. My association with Jiri is the essence of serendipity, so I’ve written about Jiri’s experiences from his point of view. And then I’m writing about him from my point of view. Late in 2016 I emailed Vrijheid Kennel in Iowa [ owned by a vet in love with Dutchies]; she suggested I email the Slovakian Kennel Club. I did but got no response so far. Jiri had several unusual habits remarked upon by the woman who rescued him as well as the couple who fostered him for several months. When presented with a dish of food, he more often than not nosed it out of the dish onto the floor where he might ignore it for awhile. I am skeptical about claims of animal communicators but after his death I did get in touch with one, Diane Weinmann,, who did ask him some questions, including why he nosed his food on the floor. He replied that he was looking for tasty treats at the bottom of the dish. When I told this to the woman in Virginia who’d trained him for 8 years, she laughed and said that at the kennel they’d put pieces of hot dog in his food. One of several mysteries solved about Jiri’s puzzling, to humans, behaviors. If Cindy in Virginia hadn’t been able to verify the truth of his answers, I’d be still very skeptical of animal communicators. Those 8 digits must have a meaning known to someone. Just haven’t found that someone yet. I hope you’re more successful. Thank you for the note.


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