SGT Rambo N577 - Before Lisa Phillips.
SGT Rambo N577 – Before Lisa Phillips.


I have sat here at my desk this morning wondering… What makes people see or ignore what is right in front of them?

Why are people willing to tune out fact in favor of fantasy? Is it because reality is too much to deal with? Does fact remind them of real life too much? Is it just easier to stick your head in the sand and ignore what is in front of you? How is it that people will get downright nasty in order to defend their fantasy views but are unable to use a moment of common sense and just look at the clear picture in front of them? Why are they willing to excuse the bad, turn it into good in their minds and move on blindly to support that very same bad? It confuses, and disappoints me to no end…

Where am I going with this babble and banter of mine you might think? Well, yes…. SGT Rambo N577… He has been in my mind, and heart for a long time now. He has in fact been in the mind and heart of many people for a long time now! Worried people, standing at the side lines, watching from a distance as things went from good, to bad, to downright disastrous over the course of the last 3 years.

Let me tell you a small part of SGT Rambo’s story and how his life became a slippery slope of steady decline in health and happiness…

SGT Rambo N577 was stationed out of Cherry Point, N.C. for 2 years before he was injured while in routine training on a bite wrap. Due to this injury he developed DJD (Degenerative Joint Disease) In stead of managing it with medication Lisa chose to have the leg amputated in 2012. The leg was not amputated until Lisa came into ownership of SGT Rambo N577 and could have been managed with pain medication but this would not benefit the publicity that Lisa felt she could generate with a 3 legged dog. Also the leg was not amputated as a result from being deployed. It was a training accident. SGT Rambo N577 has never been deployed.

Due to the leg removal by choice, Lisa’s choice, SGT Rambo N577 is now having to deal with leg issues and pain in his remaining leg. He has arthritis in his remaining front leg and can not enjoy a pain free life as he should have been enjoying to begin with. The leg buckles at times due to the amount of stress put on it. Then there are the incidents with SGT Rambo’s eating habits…. He likes to chew and eat things that he shouldn’t. Bedding, sheets, scarfs, socks, the kitchen sink… Now we all know that a dog with strange eating habits needs to be looked at and kept under constant surveillance 24/7/365! If we do not keep an eye on our dog then we will pretty much be living at the emergency veterinarian’s office to have blockage after blockage removed. Can it happen one time? Yup, shit happens! A dog can get into something and it is something we will deal with BUT, we ensure that it doesn’t happen again… Can it happen twice? I guess it can happen twice as well…. Accidents can happen twice and we will have to make sure it never EVER happens again. Three times? Something is wrong here! It happens three times then you need to reevaluate your dog ownership and brain for being allowed to own the dog you own…. Four times… Do I even have to say it? FIVE TIMES!!! People PLEASE!!!! If your dog ingests foreign material over and over and over again, then you need to have your dog ownership card REVOKED! You are not dog owner material. You should not be allowed to care for the dog, you should buy a tamagotchi instead!

SGT Rambo N577… He has had more than one, or two, or three, or four, or even FIVE such incidents happen to him. Incidents that landed him on the surgeon’s table over and over again and that almost KILLED HIM! The last incident being this week, the incident before that not 4 weeks ago!

I am not spinning some fantasy story here. I am not grasping facts out of thin air! I am telling you what has been posted on SGT Rambo’s N577 page… Not lies, or fantasies…. just good old fact!

So why is it that this gets forgotten so easily? Why is it that SGT Rambo N577 is still suffering poor ownership? Why are people excusing Lisa Phillips and her actions and behaviours? This infuriates me! People sit there saying how much they care for SGT Rambo N577, and how much they love him, and what a great Mom Lisa Phillips is to him and all I can think is “Excuse me?”

Good Mom? Seriously? How is she a good mom? Has she prevented him from losing a leg? Has she prevented him from the pain and suffering he is going through now? How many surgeries did he have to undergo due to her lack of care and attention? Oh, but she is taking such good care of him now! Ya THINK????? If she had taken care of him to begin with she would not be where she is now and SGT Rambo N577 would not be laying there with a gut full of stitches, intestine missing and a lifelong problem ahead of him! It isn’t about how good she cares for him now, it SHOULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED TO BEGIN WITH PEOPLE!!!!  

Am I making sense yet? Am I getting through to all you pink glasses wearing blindly Lisa supporting people yet? Let me say it one more time, out loud, in caps:


So why, on gods green earth, is it not preventable when it comes to Lisa Phillips? WHY!!!!

It is so easy to throw out random words in support of Lisa… to throw out a few prayers and throw some cash at her as well to buy of your feelings of guilt and unhappiness…. but are you helping SGT Rambo N577 with that? Or are you just part of the problem? Are you just turning a blind eye at what really needs to be said, and done. Because let’s face it, by telling her she is doing a good job, and throwing cash at her, you are now saying “Go ahead Lisa! You are doing a stellar job! Rambo is suffering but that’s okay, we don’t care!” You are not helping SGT Rambo N577… You are not ensuring he will be happy and healthy and can enjoy a pain free retirement…

You are not part of the solution that Sgt Rambo N577 so desperately needs…. But you sure as hell are part of the problem by allowing it to go on unchecked and uncared about…


Regards, Alice MacKenzie.

SGT Rambo N577 – Present day….

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