My heart is breaking right now… I woke up not an hour ago and the first message I saw on my Facebook timeline was Friends, Rambo’s mom here. I have a concerning update on our boy.”

Words like those make you dread what you are about to read… And I was right… It was dreadful to read that once again, not a month after his last two surgeries, Rambo has once again ingested a sock and has had to endure surgery! Let me stress the word AGAIN for you all. This is not a first, nor is it a second and it isn’t even a third time this dog has had to be opened up due to eating material that he should not be able to eat, or reach. This is surgery nr 6, or 7? I have lost count to be honest… This dog has had so many surgeries now that I have actually lost count! That includes the removal of his front leg for DJD that could have been well and easily managed with medication but then again, that would not have delivered as much interest as showing of a 3 legged dog to the public and it certainly would not have raked in the cash as quickly as it does now… And then we are not even talking about the times that Rambo ate things he shouldn’t have eaten but luckily managed to pass on his own…. 

Once again this dog is suffering under the abuse of it’s reckless and selfish owner Lisa Phillips from Gizmosgift.org

How long are people just going to sit and watch as this dog is slowly being killed by its owners need for attention and praise? Rambo is nothing more than a mascot to use for monetary gain and attention. It is becoming so screamingly clear at this point that it amazes me that people still fall for Lisa’s “Pray for me, Pray for Rambo, God loves us, God is good” routine…… She uses religion and this dogs suffering to keep the attention flowing towards her, as well as donations.

Why aren’t more people speaking up for Rambo! Why are people patting Lisa on the back and saying what a good person she is when it is OBVIOUS that she isn’t! When are people going to take the blinders off and see Lisa for what she truly is? A user and abuser of anything she can think of that gains her attention, adoration and CASH! If she cares so much about Rambo, then why does this happen over and over again? Why is there no outrage on behalf of Rambo? Why is no one beating down the doors of agencies to save this dog from its cruel owner and to ensure that it lives out the remainder of its days being loved, and taken care off….

WHERE IS THE ANGER!!!!! I know I am sorely pissed off right now but with me being in another country there is absolutely nothing I can do about it but call attention to the repeated abuse and suffering of Rambo. Stop looking at the words she writes and start READING what she writes instead. Anyone can use GOD to their own advantage. Instead of asking for prayer she should be asking for common sense. To help her keep Rambo safe and healthy… This has Munchausen by Proxy written all over it! If you truly want to care for your dog, you would prevent bad things from happening to him to start with. Not ask for prayers afterwards and expect to be pat on the back for it….  Yes, Shit happens…. But it does NOT repeat itself into infinity so you get to claim “Poor me” and hold up your hand for money while your dog is suffering your lack of care for him.

Show your outrage for Rambo! Speak up for Rambo! Make your voice be heard for Rambo! Ask Questions about Rambo and show you care for him. Do not just throw money at his owner and buy of your feelings of sadness that way. Show that you really care for him by questioning Lisa Phillips and how she cares, or rather not cares for Rambo!

Share this article with friends, let them read for themselves what the truth is…. If plenty of people read the truth then Rambo might be able to lead a normal life, without constant surgeries and abuse by his owner Lisa Phillips… Rambo is what matter here! He needs your voice to speak up for him or he will end up paying the ultimate price eventually…. Please check out our page on Facebook and voice your opinions or displeasure at the suffering that this dog has to go through needlessly…

Please visit, like and share our Facebook page for SGT Rambo N577 and use it to voice your displeasure at his abuse and treatment. Thank you!


Regards, Alice Mackenzie.



  1. Something is really wrong here. Is the military looking into this? Someone please help this dog get out of the situation . something is very wrong! Help Rambo ,he is the Hero and needs to be OUT from under his current situation!!!! Keep sharing !

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  2. Well I am sorry to say, that I agree with with you. But one can only wonder, where is the SPCA, PETA, and the Humane Society?

    Maybe they have not been informed to the situation. But also, it could be that because she is not an NFL star or Hollywood movie star, press could care less, and we all know big press means big bucks (donations). This means that this will go on with no humane treatment for this poor animal.

    Quite disturbing actually, that she can get away with treating an animal this way.

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  3. I totally agree with you,,we have seen it and warned people about it. I told many about my problem with her years ago, under her many OTHER Organizations Names. She Has changed Several times so it is hard to keep track of who & what name she is using for her “NON -Profit” ahaha look carefully at that she claims she can’t work due to a back injury.. but the long flights she takes seems to Not be a problem 😦 hmmm people with back problems sure can’t do things like `that’. She uses the Donated $money to shrink wrap her big SUV with advertising Really? and to purchase it? Then changes the name of the Organization 😦

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  4. I don’t mean to judge but someone must get this dog to safety. PLEASE it’s like the syndrome that some mom’s have that make their kids sick to get attention!!!! SAVE HIM FROM HER

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