To all whom blindly follow Lisa Phillips without thinking but forget about Rambo N577 in the process.

I have gotten a response to my previous post about Lisa Phillips and Rambo N577. Unlike Lisa I am not one to hide from these things and I have replied with my below posted response to the person questioning my post. This will be my standard reply to all those questioning me on my post. It doesn’t matter what names I get called or how I get treated. I will let all replies stand on this blog. People are allowed to agree, or disagree with me. That is their prerogative, as my reply is mine.


Alice Mackenzie.


Thank you for taking the time to visit my Blog and for posting your opinion. Unlike Lisa Phillips, Rambo’s owner, I am not one to walk away or hide from being questioned. As for your mention of “Slander” I would like to state the following. It is not slander if the words spoken are in fact true. Maybe you are the one who should do some fact checking here?

1. This is the 3rd surgery Rambo N577 has had to endure due to the proper lack of care of the owner. This poor dog has hardly got any intestine left and will be suffering from SBS (Short bowel syndrome) for the rest of its remaining days. Is this dog being taken care of now? Why, yes! Yes it is! That is not the point here tho. The point is that this dog should not be where it is now to begin with! This was a preventable surgery because the owner should have paid attention to her dog to begin with. This is not the first time he has had to have surgery for intestinal blockage, it is not even the second surgery… No, it is a THIRD time that this has happened, and no one stops to ask the question “Why does this keep happening!” Everyone just blindly follows Lisa and no one even has a second thought as to how this could have happened, or how to prevent it in future. It doesn’t matter that you throw money and prayers at the dog, it should NOT HAVE HAPPENED to begin with. The first thought should be for the dog and how to prevent it from happening and not about cleaning up afterwards… because Rambo N577 is the one suffering here. Not lisa, not you, not me, but RAMBO! He is the one having to endure the pain of the surgeries. But boy it sure looks good on screen doesn’t it?

Have you ever just taken a moment to sit back and read what she speaks of? To look at her actions, and responses? Just switch of any biased you might have for anyone and anything and just read and look, nothing more… Maybe that is the one thing that is lacking with people these days. The respond before they think and look. Why? Because you might start to see things for yourself… Lisa has 2 tools at her disposal and she knows how to use them. Rambo N577, and God. That’s it! And she uses them to the best of her ability. She ask’s for 2 things only, money and prayers and one almost always follows the other because nothing works better than throwing in a few “Pray for Rambo” ‘s as you hold out your hand so you can let others pay for something that could have been prevented to begin with, and so that you don’t have to get a day time job to support yourself and your family. Ever notice how once questions get asked for proof of payments made the discussion gets deleted? People get blocked and a new post is made saying “I am being attacked again, please pray for me” You should really look for yourself before blindly pointing fingers and calling people morons.

2. Another tool to get money are the stories on his injuries, how he was injured during active duty. It makes him seem so much bigger then he really is because many people read active duty as in the line of duty. He got injured on a training bite when he got jammed on the bite. His leg was amputated by choice by his owner. Not due to a need for it, but purely by choice. He had DJD in his shoulder that could have well been managed with pain medication but then we would all have to miss out on how he constantly gets put next to Layka, the 3 legged Hero who actually lost a leg in the line of duty… #StolenValor anyone?

There is this thing out there in the real world and it’s called “Embellishment” Lisa knows that thing very well since she uses it to the best of her advantage as she makes things look prettier and stronger then they actually are. I urge you, and others reading this to finally sit back, turn of the biased and blind faith, and watch and read for yourself. Take Rambo N577 out of the equation for a few, look beyond the pictures on your screen and just open your eyes and really LOOK. Forget about Rambo for a few minutes, be objective and really pay attention to what is happening in front of you, instead of blindly responding to the pictures… I promise you this, when you do that? There will be things that will make you think and wonder, that will raise questions, that will make you frown… That is when Rambo will win! Because right now no one is helping Rambo from suffering in pain…

Right now all people are doing is prolonging this by ensuring that the owner doesn’t have to clean up her act and can just blithely carry on with the support of everyone because no one is thinking of Rambo and all focus is on Lisa and how sad it is for her to have to deal with this and the surgeries. Fuck Lisa! She can kiss my ass! This is not about Lisa and her need for attention! This is about Rambo and it should always have been about him to begin with! Thank you for reading and have a nice day.


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