K9 Working Dogs “Dog of the year 2015” competition.

K9 Friends!… BIG Prize Money to be won!

For your competitive pleasure we have come up with a competition for all to enter in!

Yes, you read it right people. It does not matter where you live, be it in the USA or Kuala Lumpur, St Petersburg or Amsterdam, you are welcome to join in our “K9 Working Dog of the year 2015” Photo Competition!

It gets better…. There is a prize involved. The winner of the competition gets GBP 100,= !!! (or the equivalent in your countries currency) Why would you want to pass up an opportunity like that? Every type of working dog is allowed and invited to join in our competition, our only requirement being that the dog is yours. There are no rules as to what the dog should or should not be doing, it could be playing fetch, taking a bite, doing its work or what have you not! If it is a working dog then it is more then welcome to join our competition!

Of course we have a few rules and regulations that should be followed but you can read them on our flyer and on the www.k9workingdogs.net website. So join us! (It’s a free lifetime membership if you sign up before January 1st, 2015) The competition ends on December 1st, 2015. We hope to see your membership and entry in our competition soon!


K9 Working Dogs

Join here: www.k9workingdogs.net


K9 Working Dogs "Dog of the year 2015" photo competition
K9 Working Dogs “Dog of the year 2015” photo competition



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